Tired of high electricity bills during peak seasons?
Want to help improve air quality?
Then WGL Energy's POWERLOCK is for you!

Electricity supply rates will vary from month to month, leaving you guessing about your monthly bill and disrupting your budget. Take control of your energy budget with WGL Energy's PowerLock, a monthly subscription service for residential energy consumers. With PowerLock, you ge a fixed monthly price.
With PowerLock, you get a fixed monthly subscription, plus 100% renewable energy...
regardless of weather or usage

Fixed monthly price for 1-year

Pay same fixed electricity supply price every month, regardless of weather, and not worry about end-of-month adjustments. Your PowerLock supply price is based on your home's historical electricity usage provided by your utility. Your electricity utility remains responsible for reading your meter, billing and responding to emergencies. Your utility distribution charges may vary, but your PowerLock fixed supply price will not, and it is itemized separately on your monthly electricity bill.

Preserving the world for the future

PowerLock includes 100% renewable energy sourced from the wind farms and helps improved air quality and the environment.

Local. Trusted. Reliable.

Have peace of mind knowing you've chosen an award-winning energy supplier. Since 1996, WGL Energy is one of the largest, longest-serving energy suppliers in the Mid-Atlantic. We are a leader in competitive energy supply and environmentally friendly products. And, WGL Energy has an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau.

Two fast, convenient ways to lock down your price

To obtain customized price, all you need is your address to see if you are qualify.

Go to www.WGLenergy.com/PowerLock
or Call 1-855-POWERLK

Check out our PowerLock product on papowerswitch.com