Cash Back


Get 4% Cash Back When You Buy Electricity or Natural Gas from WGL Energy

WGL Energy Services' (WGL Energy) 4% Cash Back Rewards is a limited-time offer and is available to new residential customers who choose WGL Energy to supply their home’s electricity or natural gas.

Why should I switch?

If you live in the District of Columbia, Maryland or Pennsylvania, you can choose who supplies electricity and natural gas to your home. Virginians can choose who supplies their natural gas and residents in Delaware can select their electricity supplier.

By choosing your energy supplier, you can choose your pricing plan and lock in a low fixed price – which can help keep your home’s total energy bills affordable.

And, when you choose WGL Energy as your energy supplier, you can earn 4% cash back on the electricity or natural gas supply you use during the term of your WGL Energy Supply Agreement.

Choose your electricity or natural gas plan now to start earning your 4% Cash Back Rewards.


For over 20 years, we've been providing competitive electricity and natural gas supply, renewable energy and carbon offsets to homeowners, small businesses and large enterprises across the Mid-Atlantic. WGL Energy provides all your energy answers and, as part of the WGL family of companies, we benefit from nearly 170 years of leadership in the industry. The WGL family of companies are now indirect, wholly-owned subsidiaries of AltaGas Ltd.